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Disinfectent Floor Cleaner

Surface Care Range:

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Shyno range of surface care product bring you the lateset technology for a never before surface cleaning experience,which includes floor cleaning and glass cleaning.It contains anti bacterial agent,drying agent surfcants to give you a figure print and streak free surfaces to feel the differences.


Shyno Disinfectant Floor Cleaner:

Range of floor cleaners which are fully formulated containing disinfectants to leave your floors/Surface sparkling clean and protected from killer germs.Its unique quick drying formula dries the surface super quick.Use Shyno for a new surface cleaning experience, available in the following variants.

Floral Garden with exotic and enticing floral fragrance.
Lavender Mist for soothing goodness of pure lavender.
Blooming jasmine
Citrus Lime

Usage Instrunctions: Dilute 20 ml of product in 4 liter of water.

Pack Size :

475ml,950ml,5liter and above.