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Disinfectent Toilet Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaner range

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Shyno- Range of toilet bowl cleaners, Fully formulated with antibacterial agents and Non iconic  surfactants to leave your toilet sparkling clean and free from killer bacteria for a safe wash  room all day.
Kills 99.9% bacteria for total protection.


Shyno - Thik Plus Power Original/Orange Fresh, Its acid based thik formula containing disinfectant leaves your toilet sparkling clean and protected from killer bacteria.

Shyno –Bleach Cleaner, Thicker formula containing bleaching agent with disinfectant for a sparkling clean toilets protected from killer bacteria.

Directions for use: Apply/Spread Shyno Toilet bowl cleaner on the surface of toilet bowl,leave for 20minutes and flush.Suitable for use in all types of toilets.

Pack Size

225ml,500ml,5L and above